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Excellent Styling College in Lansing, MI 

As the top barber/styling college in the Ingham County area, Barber/Styling College of Lansing, MI, is the best place for you to come and learn how to be a master barber. We provide a wide range of courses that will fully prepare you on everything from razor shaving to business management. Let us give you the knowledge to create a wonderful career for yourself. 

Who We Are 

We have been leaders in developing master barbers since 1982. Our professionals take great pride in educating and training our students in the art of barbering. You’ll learn from skilled professional instructors on shear cuts, clipper cuts, hair color, and razor shaving. We’ll teach you all you need to pass your state licensing exam. You’ll also learn social media marketing skills as well. We have a blueprint for success that guarantees work once you finish school. Look no further than Barber/Styling College of Lansing if you want to learn to become a true professional barber. 

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Course Schedule & Curriculum 

New classes start each month. The daily class schedule is Monday to Friday 8:15 to 5:00 (45 minutes for lunch). 8:15 to 9:15 is a Theory Class, and 9:15 to 5:00 is Practical Training. The barbering course is an 1,800-clock-hour program. One clock hour is equivalent to 60 minutes of training. Classes are scheduled for 40 hours per week to complete the barbering program in 11 months (48 weeks). In order to meet the course requirements, you must complete 225 hours of theory training and 1,575 hours of practical training.

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When you’re ready to take on a rewarding career that can lead to many exciting options, come to Barber/Styling College of Lansing. We have a passion for the barbering profession and can’t wait to help you on your journey to becoming a true professional barber. Call today to learn more about our school. 

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